Our Kindergarten provides a holistic and well-balanced curriculum delivered within a conducive environment. A holistic approach is important to a child’s learning and development as every child is different. Given the right environment, children will naturally develop a deep and enduring love of learning.

At Nanyang Kindergarten, we believe that a warm, stimulating and secure environment which supports play is essential to a child’s total development; a place where a child can learn about success and failure without criticism and labelling, but with encouragement and kindness.

This caring and loving environment encourages the development of pro-social behaviour and fosters respect for the individual.  Here at Nanyang Kindergarten, we appreciate and respect the uniqueness of each individual, while promoting and embracing common values and morals that are desirable, worthwhile and valued in the society in which we live, and indeed, in the wider world.

We encourage and appreciate parental involvement and strong community support, both of which are key factors in the total development of the child.



To nurture every child holistically, developing them to their fullest potential.



To nourish every child with the love for learning, grooming them into diligent, prudent and responsible individuals with bilingual competencies.



  • Diligence

  • Prudence

  • Respectability

  • Simplicity